The Old Rope String Band
Live video recording! The Old Ropes Classic Collection DVD

The Classic Collection DVD

Nearly three hours of laughter and music

August 19th saw the release of this new DVD with

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This is a PAL region 2 DVD, if ordering from outside the UK we suggest you check this format is compatible with your equipment.

The DVD was released on 19th August and costs £15.50. There are two ways you may buy it:

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Lots of other lovely merchandise! Obviously, the DVD, being the most expensive item (£15.50) that's the one to go for but we have T-shirts, CDs and cassettes all available by the wonders of telephone and postal technology. Just contact us!

You can hear an extract from three of the tracks on our latest CD by clicking on the relevant icon: MP3 icon for MP3 format or Real audio icon for Real audio.

Access All Ears: the latest CD
 MP3Real audio
1.Jigs Listen to Jigs as an MP3 Listen to Jigs in RealAudio
2.Bottles Listen to Bottles as an MP3 Listen to Bottles in RealAudio
8.J'ai Plongé
16.Live Listen to Live as an MP3 Listen to Live in RealAudio

Price: £10, plus £1 postage.
Contact us for details of how to buy...

Roperama Ding-Dong: the first CDRoperama Ding-Dong: the first CD

Take the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the beautiful music without the distraction of all that arsing about on stage. Contains some rare classics and guest spots from Ian Carr and Penny Callow. For the cheapskates who can't afford a video just listen to the CD and waggle the picture around. Also available in cassette.

Price: £10, plus £1 postage.
Contact us for details of how to buy...